Hazards of the Holidays

By Buddy Whitaker 

Published November 22, 2013


Holidays are a happy time for family and friends.  Let's do our best to make sure our holidays, as well as the unit owners around us, are safe.


A National Fire Protection Agency study estimates 240 homes are damaged annually by fire.  17% of these fires are caused by Christmas trees.  15% developed from poor electrical wire or cable insulation and 11% were the result of decorations.


So of the 240 home fires, 43% were the result of holiday decorations.  Here are some thoughts and ideas to reduce the likelihood of a fire in your home.

  • Do not overload your circuits

  • Many electricians have infrared detectors to make sure your circuits are not overloaded or running too hot

  • Check your electrical sockets and make sure the fittings are tight

  • Or have a licensed electrician inspect them

  • Make sure no copper is exposed in any electrical chord

  • If so purchase a new electrical cord or use some electrical tape.

  • Also make sure that your lighting is not too hot or placed too closely to flammable materials

Roughly 5800 emergency room visits occur annually from the installation of holiday decorations.  Before climbing your ladder or hopping on the roof, take the extra time needed to be safe.


If a contractor is installing any decorations make sure they have a worker's compensation policy and that the policy is currently in effect.


Keep your holiday's fire department and emergency room free and happy holidays.


Make a great day.

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Buddy Whitaker truly enjoys being an insurance professional. His condominium association client's appreciate his attention to detail. The fact that he has practically

committed the Georgia Condominium Act to memory helps. 

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