Delinquency Speaks As Loud As Actions

By Buddy Whitaker 

Published November 28, 2012


I have noticed in my own condo association that the delinquency rate tends to reflect the assertiveness of the board.  I don't think anyone enjoys not being able to pay their dues, but they may be more inclined if they know there will be consequences. 


On the other hand I have seen board's aggressiveness work against them as well.  I have filed several claims on directors and officers policies for unfair collection practices.  One unit owner owed just over $4,000 in dues and had made several large payments over 4 months to bring her balance down to $2,500.  However, they continued to miss the current month and would incur late penalties along with interest. She filled suit claiming that the means of collection by the use of fines and interest was unfair. 


On one hand I think that aggressive fines and penalties help motivate unit owners to follow the rules.  However, if someone is making an honest attempt at paying their debt, then the association may want to cut them some slack and help them out.  In the end it's only going to benefit the association to reduce the delinquency.


There is a fine line to walk as a board and the decisions you make will reflect the type of association you want.  Your association should be strict and at the same time have compassion for its members.


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Buddy Whitaker truly enjoys being an insurance professional. His condominium association client's appreciate his attention to detail. The fact that he has practically

committed the Georgia Condominium Act to memory helps. 

In his words, "My objective is to be the resource and trusted advisor that my clients want to turn to for guidance. I strive to either know the answer or know where to find it."

Creative Solutions: As a student of condo association (COA) insurance, Buddy has forged specialized programs that address the unique exposures of multi-family residential structures.

His solutions juggle the need to keep overall costs down, both for the unit owner and the association, while making sure that coverage remains as broad as possible.

COA Focused: He's leveraged his 6 years in the insurance industry; as the director of continuing education for Metro Alliance of Independent Insurance Agents, board position on his own condo association, and study of the Georgia Condo Act and condo declarations.  This transitioned into understanding of the COA sector, the nature of the claims,  methods of managing the risk, and the complex relationships among board members, unit owners, and property managers.

Insurance isn't just a job for Buddy, it is a passion.  That said, he also enjoys a round of golf, experimenting in the kitchen, and DIY projects around his home. He's also a loving husband and a proud father of a brand new baby girl.

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