How Involved is Your Community

By Buddy Whitaker 

Published December 27, 2013


How involved is your community?  Many disgruntled unit owners feel as though there is a lack of board transparency.  Granted some unit owners are just nosey, but a simple explanation or just a friendly reminder of what tasks are ahead of the board is enough to calm most involved unit owners.


Transparency will help unit owners understand tough decisions if changes are being implemented.  If dues have increased substantially over the last 3 years, they probably just want to know where their money is going.  There are several ways to inform unit owners and get their feedback without giving them a soap box:

  • Newsletters

  • Website

  • Polls

  • Property Walks

Most associations already have newsletters or a website in which board members can communicate.  However, very few send out a poll on a sensitive or difficult decision. 


Not many board members walk their property introducing themselves to their neighbors either.  This would be a great way to inspect the grounds, meet unit owners and get their feedback on what they would like to see done.


As a board member, you can't lose your cool.  Let management or your attorney get involved and resolve a hot issue.  Some unit owners are relentless and try to test or complain about every decision the board makes.  Rarely are unit owners are looking for an opportunity to file a claim or suit.


No board wants to appear as thought they are running a dictatorship.  Use your position to build a stronger community that moves together as a unit instead of multiple directions.  Hopefully these tips will help you create a friendly and peaceful neighborhood.


Make a great day!

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Buddy Whitaker truly enjoys being an insurance professional. His condominium association client's appreciate his attention to detail. The fact that he has practically

committed the Georgia Condominium Act to memory helps. 

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